Snow Removal


At Kaeb Services, LLC, our work doesn’t stop when the ground is covered in ice and snow. We just change our uniforms, and keep moving. Whether you’re commercial or residential, we can make sure your path is clear with sidewalk, driveway or parking lot snow removal and salt spreading on those icy patches. We know that you know that you aren’t always anticipating the weather; you have other things to be concerned about. So we anticipate it for you. Kaeb Services, LLC can be your peace of mind in the ever-changing winter weather months of Central Illinois.

We’ll be there before you need to leave the house, or before your first employees come sliding into the parking lot, ensuring safety for you, your families and your employees. We keep your sidewalks salted to keep your feet planted. We can’t control the unstable weather that often finds its way to Bloomington/Normal during the long winter months, but we can respond to it, quickly and efficiently. Before the clouds build, the snow hits and everything is coated in a brilliant sheet of ice, call Kaeb Services, LLC for additional details on how our residential and commercial snow removal and salt spreading can benefit your home or office.