Landscaping & Hardscaping


Sometimes your home or office needs more than just a well mowed and maintained lawn to look its best. Accessorize any building with beautiful landscaping from Kaeb Services, LLC. Kaeb Services, LLC will work with you to create the perfect landscape design using backyard patios, decorative and functional retaining walls, and edging as well as strategic tree, shrub, bush and flower planting to beautify your home and business. And once the design is complete, our skilled lawn care and landscaping specialists will work to install all of the elements, bringing our beautiful collaboration to life.

Kaeb Services, LLC can also work with you to make sure that your landscaping is ready for any weather with seasonal maintenance and preparation. Whether it’s sprucing up for spring and removing the destruction of winter, or protecting your more fragile landscaping elements from Mother Nature’s elements, Kaeb Services, LLC knows just the right steps to take to ensure that your commercial landscaping is always looking and growing its best.

Call Kaeb Services, LLC today for a full list of landscaping services in Bloomington, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Talk with our landscaping experts to find out how we can make the outside of your home or business a sight to behold.