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At Kaeb Services, LLC, we take pride in our work. As landscapers in Bloomington, IL and the surrounding areas, we provide high-quality lawn mowing, tree trimming, fertilization, mulching and many other landscaping services. Lawn care can be a daunting task when included on top of your job, family and other commitments. Why not take advantage of a company whose job it is to care for your yard? More than just mowing, Kaeb Service, LLC's lawn care specialists can help you design beautiful outdoor landscaping that compliments your home, or keep existing landscaping tidy during fall and spring seasons with special clean up.


Need a vegetation renovation? Kaeb Services, LLC can also help freshen up your already existing landscaping with seasonal planting. We keep your lawn looking fresh with fertilization throughout its growing seasons and keep your landscaping in top shape with shrub trimming.


And even greater than our care of lawns and landscaping is our customer service. Even if the lawn is stunning, if the customer isn’t happy, we haven’t done our job. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that our service quality and attention to detail put us a cut above the rest.


Call Kaeb Services, LLC today to find out how we can help you make your home or business beautiful on the outside with our exceptional lawn care and landscaping services.